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Enerdata Pty. Ltd. commenced trading in 1988 as “Australian Energy Database” providing detailed energy efficiency monitoring and analysis services to the Perth commercial property market. During the period 1988 – 1997, the company established a broad range of clients and collected detailed and standardized data on the energy usage of a large number of properties in Perth. This data was used to pinpoint and diagnose problem areas in the performance of these properties resulting in many substantial savings being made after resolving often simple problems in the operation or maintenance of the energy plant in the building.

In 1997, the principal of the company, Mr Jeff Binks, was offered an opportunity to apply his methodologies and expertise across the portfolio of a major international property management company. He later became Director of the Australasian Engineering and Operations Division of that company, playing a major role in securing and implementing a number of major engineering, property and facilities management contracts during that time. More recently, he was instrumental in the establishment of an innovative Perth based company providing engineering, energy management and technology solutions to a number of major national clients.

At the end of 2003 and based on extensive experience gained in the industry, Enerdata recommenced operations to offer a comprehensive range of ESD consulting, energy auditing and management services including the Greenstar and NABERS Star Rating prediction of commercial building designs under the NABERS and GreenStar Building Environmental Rating Schemes. Jeff is an auditor for the NABERS scheme and is a member of the NABERS Independent Design Reviewers Panel. Panel Members play a key role in assisting building developers and designers translate their design intent into actual energy efficient results in real buildings.

Panel members are able to:

  • bring a detailed understanding of how the operational building will be rated using NABERS to their assessment of the design of a building;
  • interpret computer simulation results in assessing the potential performance, the performance risks and improvement opportunities associated with the design;
  • provide an independent and realistic assessment of all the potential performance risks and opportunities in the design; and
  • make clear recommendations to the developer and the design team as to how the identified risks are to be managed.

Enerdata has played a key role as ESD and simulation consultant in the design, delivery and certification of two major office projects in Perth currently delivering performance equivalent to 5.5 Stars NABERS and a third of 5 Stars. Enerdata has undertaken Independent Design Reviews to identify potential problems and provide suggestions for improvement for the design of around 20 major office projects around Australia.

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