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Enormous effort and expertise is often invested by the design engineers in the modeling and energy efficiency assessment of most significant commercial and, to a lesser extent, retail buildings during their design. Theoretical energy efficiency levels are established and often used in the marketing of these buildings.

Once these projects are constructed and handed over to the operators, the reality is that most, if not all, will never achieve their full potential in regard to theoretical energy efficiency.

Enerdata is therefore focused on:
  • providing practical, reliable and expert advice on the design of energy efficient and sustainable buildings,
  • predicting potential efficiency levels using Building Energy Modelling,
  • accurately measuring and accounting for the actual energy usage within the built environment,
  • comparing these results to the potential efficiency levels of the property, benchmarking against other properties and known standards,
  • investigating and highlighting reasons for the shortfalls in efficiency,
  • guiding the implementation of modifications to improve efficiency,
  • educating building engineers and operators in energy efficient practices,
  • providing regular and timely feedback on improvements achieved.

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